"Taste the Flavor.... Feel The Heat."    
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Fatal Lime - A lime hot sauce with Fatalii peppers.

Originally made for on fish, but also good as a spicy dipping sauce for shrimp.

5 oz - $6.00


Jimmy Scorpion - Jimmy Nardello sweet peppers and Trinidad Scorpion hot peppers work together to make a non-fruit based sauce to spice up your food.

Great on eggs an
d many other foods.  

5 oz - $6.00

HABermelon - Watermelon and Caribbean Red Habaneros create a tasty and steady burn.

Great on chicken whether baked, fried, or roasted.

5 oz - $6.00

Tongue Wrapper - Blueberries flavor your tongue as the heat from Naga Jolokias wrap around the bottom. 

Took 2nd place in the Ghost category in the 2013 THP Awards

This will add a nice flavor and great kick to anything you put it on. Drip some on a bowl of vanilla ice cream and enjoy the irony. 

5 oz - $10.00

Seventh Circle - Yellow 7pot peppers bring the heat to play with strawberries and pineapple using parsnips instead of carrots to add to the complexity.

Many great applications. In the videos and reviews(link at the top left of this page) you can see Jerret enjoy it on a Twinkie.

5 oz - $7.00

AppleTalli - Think apple sauce with cinnamon and a mild to medium Fatalii kick. Great on turkey and ham. 

I originally made this as a holiday sauce for friends and family, therefore I made it public friendly so no one lost a tongue.

5 oz - $6.00

Habitually Orange - Mandarin Oranges sweetly smacking you with
Caribbean Red Habaneros.

Great on burritos, pork, chicken, or make your own orange chicken.

5 oz. - $6.00 

Piney Hab - Pineapple mingling with Habaneros sweetened with brown sugar resulting in a sweet lingering burn.

Won 3rd Place in the Tropical Fruit category in the 2012 THP Awards

Great on baked chicken or wings. Adds a great flavor & kick to your regular salsa.

5 oz - $6.00

Piney Hab Extreme - Name says it all.

Piney Hab with 2 times the Carribean Red Habanero peppers to kick up the heat.

5 oz - $6.00 

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